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Latest Writing from Madhya Pradesh Maheshwari saris have made a great comeback. The weavers of Chanderi are thriving.

In rural India centuries old traditions are being held alive by a few families still willing to do things the hard way. With the simplest of tools and all natural materials, the true genius of India's textile heritage emerges. The vegetal dyers of Kotpad and The hand spinners of Ponduru. ...More

Off the beaten path: Ilkal Sarees are very distinctive and surprisingly unknown outside the region where they are produced. Visit the weavers!

Where have the weavers gone in Boyrani? The name itself means "weaver" in Oriya. Explore this and neighboring weaving centers of Orissa ikat and bomkai sarees.

Other places to see: Sumptuous silk sarees in Varanasi, the bustling city of Kolkatta, the weavers of Balarampuram.

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Sari safari is a virtual textile tour through the tremendous range and variety of weaving, dyeing and embellishing arts of the Indian Sari.

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